Tatris 2008

Tatris 2008

Tatris 2008 is a new 3D game inspired by the traditional Tetris
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Tatris 2008 is a 3D game inspired by the traditional Tetris.
The object of this game is to locate the groups of colored blocks that fall from the top of the screen in such a way that the cubes of the same color form lines of three or more. If you manage to do that, the line will disappear from the board, making room for the upcoming blocks. The game is over if the pile of blocks reaches the top of the board.

To help you plan your strategy, the program lets you preview the next piece that will be falling from the top. From time to time, you will be able to catch two types of power-ups: a coin, that will grant you additional points, and a white cross on a red circle, that will wipe all the lines in the board regardless of the color of the blocks.

Tatris 2008 can be played in three modes: in the Classic Game, the pieces will be formed with four blocks of different shapes, like the blocks in the traditional Tetris; in Color Blocks, the pieces will be formed by three cubes, aligned vertically - you can change the order of the cubes to form lines with adjacent cubes of the same color; and, finally, Rotated Color Blocks follows the same pattern as the previous mode, but here the cubes will be arranged horizontally.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It provides a nice 3D sensation, and comes with a relaxing background music


  • In order to play this game, you will be forced to install the Ask.com Toolbar and make Ask.com your default search provider. If you uninstall the toolbar, the game will stop working until you install it again
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